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UPVC Doors
Image of UPVC Doors

Beautiful, traditional looks with all the low-maintenance, high-security benefits of PVC-u

At Enterprise, we pride ourselves on the UPVC doors and windows that we offer, we make create our own doors and once you have provided the dimensions we can make your door to the size you requested from us,
It takes about a week to arrive after you order from us and we process it, we are offer a quick fitting service for these doors and windows where we will come out and fit them for you with a professional finish.

Image of UPVC Doors

UPVC is very sturdy and long lasting and requires little to no maintenance besides wiping and cleaning it a few times per year, these are quite common therefore you have probably seen these before, the long life time of this is one of the most appealing factors to most people because the frame will not rot or rust like a wooden or metal frame. We make the windows and frames in any colour that you desire, however our most popular colours are plane white and a wooden colour.