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Fully Reversible Windows
Photo of a pivot window being displayed

New cost-effective, fully reversible, easy-clean windows for multi-story buildings.

Eurocell has developed a new concept in tilting reversible windows for the rapidly expanding multi-story residential and commercial markets. The unique design allows the window to reverse 180 degrees outside the building envelope, giving occupants full access to the outer pane for easy cleaning and maintenance. It’s a highly effective system that represents great value for money for both new-build and replacement projects.

Why choose reversible windows?

Reversible windows overcome the problem of keeping windows above ground-floor level clean and tidy by allowing safe and simple access to the external glass pane from within the building. What’s more, the unique slide-and-tilt action means that the sash never protrudes inside the building, leaving window sills free for use all-year round! Additional safety features on the reversible window include internal glazing, which again avoids the need for external access should the glass need replacing in the future. It also means that glass on ground floor levels cannot be removed by burglars, therefore providing homeowners and residents with added peace of mind. Eurocell’s reversible window incorporates child-safety catches which restrict the aperture so that children cannot fall through, while still allowing high levels of ventilation. Fully beveled frames and sashes on all the profiles help developers add ‘kerb appeal’ to their properties