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Which Material Frame Should You Buy?

Here at Enterprise Glass & Glazing we believe that there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to all three of the most common options (UPVC,Timber,Aluminum) and ultimately it is down to you and the surrounding area of the window, for example having a modern and thin window in a traditional building such as a cottage or any other type of traditional building.

How Do the Prices Stack Up?

The prices go in order of uPVC being the cheapest, Timber being the the middle and Aluminum being the most expensive out of the three. This is predictable because the raw material of plastic is cheaper than Aluminum.

Which Type We Recommend

We recommend going for the UPVC option unless it really doesn't suit the style of  your home. This is because UPVC requires very little maintenance and will never rot because it is not organic and therefor will not succumb to the elements like timber would.

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