Roman Education and Greek Education in Schools From Past Lives
Archon Hoplite in school Past Lives 
Greek Day
Greek Day with Archon a Hoplite from Phocia.
  • Session 1. The Iliad with the different roles taken by the pupils.
  • Session 2. A detailed look at a Hoplite and a description on what he really is. Arms and Armour and differences between Athens and Sparta. Weather permitting or a large enough hall some of the original Olympic games including the shield race and learning to form the Phalanx.
  • Session 3. The Odyssey, looking at what some of the real monsters of the myths may have been and finally the wars between Persia and Greece with re-enactment of the last stand of the Spartans at Thermopylae.
Children in greek clothing
Murray Edwards has used his experience of being a historical re-enactor to educate yet give children fun learning about the Ancient periods of Greece and Rome which he has been doing for over ten years on a full time basis. Why choose Murray to visit your School? With the price of coaches today it is cheaper to have Murray in one of his role’s visit your school. He is with you all day, has risk assessments on request, the children do not loose time travelling to a site and has many artefacts for the children to touch. The fee will depend on how many pupils and the distance to travel, long distances may require a fee for accommodation. Child as a greek Hoplite

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