Enterprise Glass and Glazing Ltd
Glass we Use and have in stock:

  • 4mm planitherm total +(low energy SOFT COAT GLASS annealed or toughened
  • 4mm or 6mm sunguards with low e properties (planitherm 4s or coolite skn 174) double glazed units only
  • 4mm planibel A (low energy HARD COAT GLASS annealed or toughened
  • argon gas filled units giving better energy rating
  • diamond,square,queen anne,tudor or boarder designs
  • 4mm safety backed Silvered mirror
  • 4mm OR 6mm Satin(white sandblast effect)
  • 4mm or 6mm mirrors polished all round HOLES for fixing if required
Greenhouse Float Glass 
float glass is mainly used in photo/ picture frames and greenhouses and comes in.
  • 2mm,4mm,6mm,10mm Float annealed
  • 3mm Horticulture glass(green house)
  • 4mm OR 6mm Satin(white sandblast effect)
  • 4mm planibel A (low energy HARD COAT GLASS annealed or toughened)
Toughened Glass  
  • Toughened safety glass to order next day supply
  • 6.4mm ANTI SUN Tinted Laminated
  • 4.4, 6.4, 7.5, 8.8, 10.5mm Laminated
  • 6.4mm Laminated low energy hard coat
  • 6.4mm anti sun Tinted Laminated
  • 6.4mm White Laminated (white milking effect)
  • accoustic laminated (sound reduction)
Toughened Glass
Toughened Glass can be supplied and fitted in
single or double glazed, clear or patterned glass. Toughened glass is float glass passed through a heat process which tempers the glass making it toughened glass This does not make it unbreakable but it is up to five times stronger than normal glass, however it will break under stress and disintegrate in to small granules.

Laminated Safety Glass Laminated safety glass, manufactured in various thicknesses for domestic and commercial use, perfectly clear to look through, when broken the plastic will hold it together and stop it from collapsing. Thicker laminated glass is used by banks, shops and any location where safety and security are paramount. Laminated glass gives peace of mind, safety and security, and when fitted correctly laminated glass will protect you and your property.
Vertical Glass Panes ANTI SUN OR SUN COOL
  • 4mm or 6mm sunguards with low e properties (planitherm 4s or coolite skn 174) double glazed units only
  • 6.4mm ANTI SUN Tinted Laminated
  • 4mm or 6mm anti- sun or tinted ,grey ,bronze ,blue or green.

3mm horticultural glass is stocked in standard sizes of 24"x18" (610x457) 24"x24" (610x610) and 283/4" x 56" (730 x 1422). (Cost is based on quantities)
 Heat treated glass FIRE GLASS
  • C70 30 (CLEAR laminated 30 minutes rating) 7mm thickness
  • C11 60 (CLEAR laminated 60 minutes rating) 11mm thicknesS
  • Fire rated glass (30 minutes or 60 minutes)
  • Pyroshield(G W P P Safety) fire rated 30mins
  • Low iron with energy rated glass for clearer clarity
  • Pyroshield(G W Cast Safety) fire rated 30 mins

Heat Strengthened Glass 
The Heat strengthening process changes the surface compression of the glass usually level greater than 4000psi and less than 7000 psi.in turn the glass becomes  2 - 3 times stronger than normal annealed glass (it is not classed as a safety glass). Heat strengthened glass has three main criteria, Thermal safety, Reduced surface distortion, When broken the glass cracks into large particles maintaining rigidity giving improved retention in the glazing system thus reducing the chances of falling glass